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Transitioning to motherhood is draining… And you bet it’s messy! Was that chocolate or poop?! Our Mama Village provides you with a community of moms who know what you’re dealing with, and resources to help you fully enjoy the #momlife.

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Why deal with parenting struggles on your own? We’ve gathered some of the best resources and information on maternal mental health, parenting, and behaviour and made them into easy-to-read articles.

This Is Infant Loss

Today, we are sharing a raw and real story of infant loss. This may be a trigger to some of you, so please only read if you are emotionally able to. We are sharing this story to help create awareness, so that the mom reading this who has been through infant loss knows she is not alone, and so that the family who is supporting a loved one going through loss knows what their loved one may be experiencing.

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How To Stop Yelling At Your Kids and Feel More Calm

How To Stop Yelling (And Other Knee-Jerk Reactions) Help me stop yelling at my kids, help me have less knee-jerk reactions, help me stop reacting in the moment. Many people ask me how to stop repeating behaviors that seem to happen automatically. To do this, a level...

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Postpartum Struggles – Could It Be My Thyroid?

With all of the physical, mental, emotional, and lifestyle changes happening postpartum, it’s no wonder thyroid disease in new moms can go unnoticed.
Being a new mom is exhausting. Between sleepless nights, anxieties about raising a baby, and hormonal fluctuations – the struggle is REAL. Perhaps you are recovering from a C-section, having persistent breastfeeding challenges, or battling unexpected postnatal mother or baby concerns (such as infection or colic). Maybe you are trying to navigate what your maternity leave is going to look like, live far away from family support, or are planning when to go back to work. I mean, who wouldn’t be tired?
But in addition to the adjustments that come with having a baby, you may be struggling on a different level. You could be feeling down, exhausted, brain fogged, having difficulty losing weight, struggling to produce breast milk, or even experiencing hair loss.

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Our Story

Experiencing anxiety after having a baby showed us the importance of opening up a conversation about maternal mental health, parenting, and behaviour.

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