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Transitioning to motherhood is draining… And you bet it’s messy! Was that chocolate or poop?! Our Mama Village provides you with a community of moms who know what you’re dealing with, and resources to help you fully enjoy the #momlife.

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Why deal with parenting struggles on your own? We’ve gathered some of the best resources and information on maternal mental health, parenting, and behaviour and made them into easy-to-read articles.

Can You Recover From Postpartum Anxiety?

Can You Recover From Postpartum Anxiety? This is one of the most common questions that I get as a counsellor who works with perinatal moms. When you are living with anxiety day in and day out, it can feel like “this is just life now.” It feels like anxiety has become our new normal and we will continue to feel this way no matter what we do. This feeling of “I’ve always been anxious, so I will always continue to be anxious” plagues so many people and can feel extremely discouraging. So the question remains, can you overcome anxiety? The answer to this question isn’t as simple as yes or no.

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10 Ways To Effectively Communicate With Your Children

10 Effective Ways To Communicate With Your Children     1. Use “I feel/when you/could you please” statements instead of blaming statements when approached with a conflict. Example 1 Instead of: You never listen to me! Try: I feel like you are not listening...

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Experiencing anxiety after having a baby showed us the importance of opening up a conversation about maternal mental health, parenting, and behaviour.

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