11 New Moms Share What They Love Most About Being a Mom
The best part of being a mom

11 New Moms Share What They Love Most About Being a Mom

Apr 22, 2018Parenting0 comments

Motherhood can be tough, but it can also be incredibly beautiful. We spoke to 11 moms about their experiences, and asked them to share what they loved most about motherhood. Their answers said it all! This is what they had to say:


1. “Watching this person I created grow into an awesome little human! Almost everyday I think “I can’t believe I made her.” That and the unconditional love we have for each other. It’s such a unique kind of love.”


2. “I love seeing how amazing the simple things are through her eyes. I remember holding her at the window, watching her watching snowflakes falling, her face full of wonder! It reminds you to take a moment for the little things in life that we take for granted every day.”


3. “The belly laughs when you get them giggling so hard that they can’t sit up anymore. You just can’t help but laugh yourself!”


4. “The milestones. It’s crazy how unbelievably proud I am of her when she achieves a new milestone. It’s as if she’s climbed Everest.”


5. “Being reminded to find wonder in all the small things, like the way a shadow is dancing on the wall, or the texture of my shirt. Plus the cuddles, oh my god the cuddles. And watching a human develop, it’s simply amazing.”


6. “My favourite part is seeing this little person I made grow and overcome challenges. She is so smart and I love watching her problem solve and do things her own way.”

7. “The opportunity to see life from a totally different perspective. It forces you to walk longer, slower and sometimes down the same street twice. To understand how much it actually takes to do the simple tasks in a day and appreciate that you can do them. The little miracles that are these sponges figuring out how the world works – right down to how to do something even as simple as smile. The way you think about how beautiful the world we live in actually is as you try to articulate it to this small human.


8. Finding humour in things you might otherwise have not even noticed because suddenly a sneeze is the most hilarious thing in the world.”

9.“The love that this tiny human has for me is so unconditional that no matter what I do, feel or say he will always love me and think that I am as amazing as he is! I love the milestones and even when he’s making a “mess” I know he’s learning and can’t wait to see what else he can do! I’m so proud of being a mom and looking back I totally am that mom that was way to harsh on herself for things I couldn’t control or change! Mister baby loves me even with those struggles.”

10. “I think the best thing for me is watching my three kids interact with each other! They are so in love with each other and I feel so blessed to get to watch them grow and becoming such interesting, different, amazing human beings! I look forward to watching them become even better friends and love that they will always have each other.”

11. “One of my favourites is the love and snuggles. The bond we’ve created is so strong and pure. The connection between mother and son/daughter is unlike any other. I’ve never loved someone so much that I would legitimately do anything for him.”


Being a mom can be tough, but also very beautiful. We would absolutely love to have you as a part of our online village of moms and professionals who support each other, sharing their joys and their hardships. We are all in this journey together!

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