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The masterclass covered 3 Secrets to Understanding Bedtime. We’ll send you a link to the replay soon!

What parents have been saying! ❤️

“I had to reach out. Our 2.5-year-old is a great sleeper but over the last 6ish months putting her in her crib has been a battle. She screamed and cried and tried all the stall tactics. It was wearing on us a bit. I stumbled across your course, used your check-in techniques and night one was AMAZING! No tears, complete understanding. A night and day difference. Thank you!”

“Jess… your course has helped me in so many ways, but the biggest thing I need to thank you for is I am no longer exhausted every single day. I feel like I have my energy back, I am enjoying my son so much more, and I haven’t lost my cool in two weeks which is a HUGE deal for me!!! My family and I seriously can’t thank you enough!!!”