An introduction to a blog about parenting, behaviour, and mental health.
A photo of Jessica's workspace where she writes practical posts about mental health issues, behaviour techniques, and useful parenting tips.

An introduction to a blog about parenting, behaviour, and mental health.

by Jul 3, 2017Mental Health, Parenting2 comments

Welcome to my blog, where I explain key insights into parenting, behaviour, and mental health!

I am a wife and new mother who is currently completing supervision hours for a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology, as well as completing post-graduate coursework in Applied Behaviour Analysis. I have a passion for research and finding ways to apply science in a way that is practical in my daily life.

If you have stumbled across my page because you are interested in learning more about parenting, behaviour, and mental health you have come to the right place.

I started this blog as a way for me to stay involved in the field of psychology and behaviour analysis as I am on maternity leave. As a research enthusiast (read: nerd), I found myself frustrated when looking up different blogs about mental health and behaviour as, often times, the information shared was based on personal experience alone, and lacked scientific evidence. Throughout my time on bedrest, I found myself looking back to journal articles and comparing these findings to information I was finding through blogs online.

The issue with doing this, is that journal articles are often long, complicated, and multi-layered. Most people are far too busy to spend time uncovering the findings in these articles, and understandably read blogs on the internet based on personal experience instead. Most research is hard to find online and requires paid subscriptions to journals, making these facts even less accessible.

With this blog I hope to share research in a way that is fun and easy to access for all. I plan to share facts and approaches that have been proven to be successful in scientific research along with examples that I’ve seen in my own life!  

I look forward to sharing this new learning journey with you! Please feel free to contact me about any topics that might be of interest to you!



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