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A Survival Guide for the Sleep Deprived New Mom

Sleep deprived new moms lose on average 44 days of sleep during the first year of their babies life. Studies show that new moms lose on average a total of 44 days of sleep during the first year of their baby's life, and can be “dangerously exhausted." Most mothers...

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Celebrating Motherhood: Happy Mother’s Day To All Women

Mother's Day is a special day of the year. On this day, mothers are honoured by their children and (hopefully) by the fathers of their children. It's a day when moms are treated like queens. Moms get a break from the dishes and laundry, and receive handmade gifts,...

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Who Am I Outside of Being a Mom? Grieving Your Loss of Identity in New Motherhood.

When a baby is something you’ve been looking forward to, how can its arrival cause so many negative emotions?

I’m here to tell you as a therapist who specializes in Maternal Mental Health and as a mother: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! As a new mom, I remember having someone look at me with my three month old asking: “Can you even remember a time before she was born?” Although I knew that she was looking for me to say was no with a big smile on my face, what I really thought was: “Yes I can! I got to go to Target whenever I wanted, sleep in, and eat cereal for dinner!” Even if people aren’t saying it, they’re thinking it and feeling it – and it’s completely normal for you to as well!

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To the Mom With Postpartum Anxiety: 7 Ways To Cope When You Are Struggling.

Even though I’d experienced anxiety before, I was not prepared for the postpartum anxiety that snuck up on me after the birth of my second child. It came in the middle of the night, robbing me of much needed sleep. My mind was plagued with what-ifs and worst case scenarios. I imagined my death was imminent. I would see my motherless children, my overworked husband, and all those milestones racing by without me in the picture. My mind quietly numbered my days, and my heart would fill with dread. Believe it or not, these were the better nights.

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Planning to Have a Baby? Thrive as a New Parent By Creating a Postpartum Plan.

Parenthood can be absolutely beautiful, and it can also be extremely tough. This is especially true during the first few months as you adjust to life as a new parent. We want you to thrive as new parents, and we believe that part of thriving is planning ahead. Planning for postpartum will help both you and your partner know what to do if and when challenges come up.

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A Survival Guide For The Overwhelmed New Mom.

You are still healing from your birth, and it may hurt to walk, sit, or lay. You are trying to breastfeed, and this may or may not be going well. Even when breastfeeding is going well, it can still be extremely difficult!
Most likely, you are experiencing feelings that you’ve never had before. Feelings like, the love you have for this new life, and a mama bear sense of protection. You may also have feelings of fear, sadness, and overwhelm.

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Postpartum Anxiety Made Me Feel Like My World Was Falling Apart.

I would feel rage inside when anyone would tell me to just “go rest” or “sleep when the baby sleeps.” I would fight the urge to scream at the top of my lungs at random moments throughout the day. I would lay awake at night and my mind would race. I would have absolutely horrendous thoughts of my husband dying, me dying or something happening to my son. I would hear him crying when he wasn’t crying.

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