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The Unintended Consequences of the Peaceful Parenting Movement

As the peaceful parenting movement grows, there is something you need to know. Your kids don’t need the perfect parent, they need you. In true peaceful parenting there is room for you to sometimes get things all wrong, for you to sometimes loose it, and sometimes not be peaceful. There is room for giving yourself grace. True peaceful parenting isn’t about getting it right all the time, it is about showing up.

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Can You Recover From Postpartum Anxiety?

Can You Recover From Postpartum Anxiety? This is one of the most common questions that I get as a counsellor who works with perinatal moms. When you are living with anxiety day in and day out, it can feel like “this is just life now.” It feels like anxiety has become our new normal and we will continue to feel this way no matter what we do. This feeling of “I’ve always been anxious, so I will always continue to be anxious” plagues so many people and can feel extremely discouraging. So the question remains, can you overcome anxiety? The answer to this question isn’t as simple as yes or no.

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10 Ways To Effectively Communicate With Your Children

10 Effective Ways To Communicate With Your Children     1. Use “I feel/when you/could you please” statements instead of blaming statements when approached with a conflict. Example 1 Instead of: You never listen to me! Try: I feel like you are not listening...

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Will Time-Outs Change My Child’s Behaviour?

Should I Use a Time-out To Discipline My Child?
As a counsellor, one of the most common questions I get about discipline and toddlers is: “Should I use a time-out to change my toddlers behaviour?”
Using time-outs is a strategy that parents have used for years! It is much more gentle than physical punishment such as spanking. But the question remains: Do time-outs work?

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Expert Tips For When You Feel Triggered by Your Baby’s Crying

Let’s talk about crying, baby crying. I cannot tell you how often I hear from moms in my office that their baby crying is a trigger for anger or anxiety. And it makes so much sense. When our baby is crying we often feel helpless, like something is wrong and we don’t know what to do to help them feel better. Or we feel angry, like we have done everything they need and still they are unhappy with us. It can directly impact our self worth as a parent, and can make us doubt our parenting abilities. It makes sense that your baby crying can trigger feelings of anger, anxiety, depression.

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How Can You Support Your Loved Ones With Mental Illness? #BellLet’sTalk Opens the Conversation.

You may have heard about “Bell Let’s Talk Day”, and wondered what it is all about. Bell Canada will be promoting and encouraging conversations on mental health through their annual campaign: Bell Let’s Talk. On January 31st, for every text/call from a Bell phone or social media post that includes #BellLetsTalk, Bell Canada will donate 5 cents towards mental health initiatives. This campaign is easy to participate in, as you can participate all day and from anywhere! Not only does Bell Let’s Talk raises funds for mental health supports and services, but also raises awareness and opens discussions about mental health.

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5 Expert Tips to Help You Cope with Negative Thoughts!

2. Do Not Fight The ANTS
Do not think about a pink elephant. No matter what: do not think about a pink elephant. Close your eyes and do not picture a pink elephant. Try it. Impossible right? No matter how hard you tried to avoid thinking about a pink elephant you still thought of it, and pictured it in your mind. ANTS work the same way. The harder you try to fight them, the more they seem to take over. Instead of fighting these thoughts, therapists suggest allowing yourself to have the thought, but reminding yourself that it is just a thought and nothing more. Allow the thought to pass through your mind, acknowledge it, and then try to move on.

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Use This Easy Strategy To Cope With Anxious Thoughts

Use this Strategy To Cope With Anxious Thoughts Let me tell you a story of a day when I was feeling anxious. As I was driving in my car, I was thinking about all of the things I had to do. I had to get groceries, remember to buy milk, feed the baby quickly, arrive...

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