Better Bedtimes Coaching

Get expert coaching for your child’s bedtime struggles.

For Parents of Children

Age 2 – 11

Expert Help From

Trained Behaviour Specialists

Practical Video Lessons

2+ Hours

Want better sleep? Who doesn’t?!? This course will help you and your child get better sleep!

We can help you with:

  1. Stalling at Bedtime
  2. Separation Anxiety
  3. Crying When You Leave
  4. Night Weaning
  5. Sibling Room Sharing Struggles
  6. Middle of the Night Wake-ups
  7. Nightmares
  8. Co-sleeping -> Independent Sleep
  9. And lots more!

Want better sleep? Who doesn’t?!? This course will help you and your child get better sleep!

We can help you with:

  1. Stalling at Bedtime
  2. Separation Anxiety
  3. Crying When You Leave
  4. Night Weaning
  5. Sibling Room Sharing Struggles
  6. Middle of the Night Wake-ups
  7. Nightmares
  8. Co-sleeping -> Independent Sleep
  9. And lots more!

8 Week Coaching Program

Sleep can be tricky. Let our experts help you. 🤗

Our bedtime coaching program was crafted to help you and your child start sleeping better. You will be matched up with a dedicated behaviour specialist who will help you and your child start getting better sleep! Plus, we give you access to all the material you’ll need to start on your way to better sleep!

The 8-Week Coaching Program gives you access to:

Facebook Group Coaching

As soon as you grab the bedtime coaching service, you’ll be given a link to join our private Facebook group. Here, our dedicated specialists will answer questions EVERY WEEKDAY. We are here to help you truly UNDERSTAND why your child is struggling at night and give you practical tools that will work in the long-term to get your child sleeping well.

Weekly Live Q&A

Taking a course is great, but having access to the creators of the course and getting your REAL questions answered is even better. In this weekly group call, you’ll get access to Jess or a member of our team of specialists, where you can ask your questions in real-time.

+ Bonuses 🙌

Get More Sleep Workbook

We want you to start getting better sleep ASAP. Our 27-page workbook is designed to help you achieve exactly that. In the workbook, you will reflect on what you learned in each lesson, create goals for implementing the tools, and brainstorm any questions for the Better Bedtimes Facebook group!

Sleep Tracking Sheets

Is there a challenging behaviour you are struggling with at bedtime? Our sleep tracking sheets will help you focus on what happens before and after this behaviour, and better understand what’s going on for your child.

What happens when you sign up for Better Bedtimes Coaching?

Step 1 →

Get assigned to a dedicated behaviour specialist.

They will be your guide for the 8-week coaching program. Each coach has over a decade of education and experience working with families.

Step 2 →

Fill out your sleep coaching intake form.

Your dedicated behaviour specialist will review your intake form. They will provide you with feedback on how and where to start.

Step 3 →

Hop into the Facebook group.

Ask your specific questions so you can start sleeping better ASAP. Talk to a real person with experience in your weekly live group coaching calls.

Step 4 →

Understand your child’s sleep behaviour.

Working with your behaviour specialist, you will fill out our easy behaviour tracking sheets. They’ll help you get to the “why” behind your child’s sleep struggles.

Step 5 →

Get more sleep!

Using the “why” behind your child’s sleep struggles our behaviour specialist will help you formulate a plan. This plan will be designed for your child’s unique sleep requirements and get your family sleeping better quickly!

Don’t just take my word for it… Read some of the many comments I’ve received from parents!

“Ummmmm, I am in complete shock! My 3.5 year old who has co-slept his entire life just went to bed ALONE! I’m not even through the whole course. It took about 30 mins of reassurance and going in and out but she is ASLEEP! I cannot believe it.”

“Used your Solving Bedtime Battle Guide this week! My 2 year old has been having the worst time going down for naps. I used your tools and they totally fixed her naps AND she started going to bed at 7:30 (instead of 9!!!). THANK YOU!”

“I had to reach out. Our 2.5 year old is a great sleeper but over the last 6ish months putting her in her crib has been a battle. She screamed and cried and tried all the stall tactics. It was wearing on us a bit. I stumbled across your course, used your check-in techniques and night one was AMAZING! No tears, complete understanding. A night and day difference. Thank you!”

Only half way through your course and I already feel SO MUCH BETTER about helping my son! It took him a long time to get back to bed like you mentioned, but I used the proactive tools you discussed and tomorrow we will switch up the routine and see if that helps him more! Thank you SO SO much for putting this together! I can already see it helping!!”

My partner and I LOVE your bedtime course!!!! After not sleeping for 4 years it’s given us the peace we’ve been missing in our home.

“Jess… your course has helped me in so many ways, but the biggest thing I need to thank you for is I am no longer exhausted every single day. I feel like I have my energy back, I am enjoying my son so much more, and I haven’t lost my cool in two weeks which is a HUGE deal for me!!! My family and I seriously can’t thank you enough!!!”

Sleep doesn’t have to feel like rocket science. 🤓

You also get access to our popular bedtime course: Solving Bedtime Battles. (You’ll keep access even after the 8-week coaching program is done. 🤫)

Our course has 5 easy-to-digest modules designed to fit your schedule as a busy parent! Each module includes practical video lessons and tools you can start using right now. Want to know the best part? You can skip ahead to the topic you need support with immediately!

Module 1: 🤺 Why Do Bedtime Battles Happen?

Learn the main reasons (based on attachment science and child development) why your child doesn’t like to be away from you at bedtime.

Module 2: 🔤 Back to the Basics

Let’s dig into why the tricky bedtime behaviour is happening. Here we explore the bedtime basics that you can start implementing right away to help bedtime go much easier for your child! We’ll dive into routines, coping tools, and how your child’s daytime activities can impact sleep!

Module 3: 🔬 The “Nitty Gritties”

We’ll cover:

  • Dropping naps
  • Early mornings
  • Sibling room sharing
  • Common parental preference

We help you get curious about some of the most common struggles children have. We don’t just give you a bandaid solution… Each lesson allows you to pick a customized approach that will work for your family!

Module 4: 😱 All About Fears

Having a child with big worries is one of the most challenging things we can face as a parent. It can leave us feeling helpless. This lesson is all about giving you a plan for responding to these fears in a way that helps your child feel safe and gives them life-long coping tools that will serve them!

Module 5: 😎 Keeping Your Cool

Let’s be honest. Bedtime is one of the most challenging parts of the day for our kids and us. This lesson will help you learn strategies that will help you stay in control of your own big feelings.

+ Course Bonuses 🎁

🎉 Wait! There’s more!?

Your access to Solving Bedtime Battles comes with some sweet extra bonus materials!

Some of these bonuses include:

  • Mini-Course: The Ultimate Guide to Curiosity
  • Visual Bedtime Routine Schedule
  • Transitioning from Co-Sleeping to Independent Sleep Tools
  • Transitioning to a Big Bed
  • Social Story – When a Parent Travels for Work
  • Big Worries Little Kids
  • Calming Tools Printable Reminders

And lots more!

Hey! I’m Jess!

I’ve supported 10’s of thousands of families through my courses and millions through social media as they work to create successful bedtime routines. I’ve also helped parents create long-lasting relationships with their children without needing to punish them or use cry-it-out methods.

As a psychotherapist and mom of two little kids (with #3 on the way), I know how frustrating it feels when you need to spend hours every night trying to get your child to sleep.

A few years ago, I was pregnant with a toddler at home. My husband was away on a business trip, and I was left alone to cope with bedtime tantrums, coming out of bed, and what felt like endless struggles at bedtime. After Scott came home from another business trip he encouraged me to think about the tools I taught my clients. (Yes, sometimes when you are in sleep survival mode, you forget your own tools…)

We wrote out the tools I used with my clients, got curious about why my daughter was having trouble falling asleep, and made a plan to help her sleep. Within a week, our world had turned upside down… in a good way! We started enjoying bedtime. We continue to enjoy bedtime with our daughters.

The “Solving Bedtime Battles” course packages up all my tools and experience, so you don’t have to feel alone in the parenting struggle!

3 Easy Steps to Start Having Better Bedtimes


Enrol in Better Bedtimes Coaching


Have Your Bedtime Questions Answered by Your Specialist


Start Sleeping Better


What’s included in my purchase of this coaching program?

Every purchase of the coaching program includes:

  1. Enrolment in our bedtime course: Solving Bedtime Battles and its bonuses!
  2. Video guides to fill out our specialized Sleep Coaching Intake Form and a dedicated coach to review your information.
  3. Access to our team of expert sleep coaches, including me (Jess 🥰) in our private Facebook group for 8 weeks.
  4. Weekly group coaching calls through the private Facebook Group.
  5. A unique guide for the Solving Bedtime Battles course.
What age is this coaching program useful for?

This coaching program is designed for parents of children, from ages 2.5 – 12. It is for parents of toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children!

It’s NOT for parents of infants or babies.

How long will it take for me and my child to get some sleep!?!

We have had parents start seeing results as soon as the first night of working with us! That being said, it can sometimes take a few days to understand your child’s unique needs. That’s why we created an 8 week coaching program. You could see some short-term results with the other courses, tools, and coaching that “work for 99% of children”, but long-term change is unlikely and you won’t have the skills needed to understand your child as they continue to develop.

Our coaching program will teach you the skills to make sure you experience long-term change. 🙌

You will also keep access to the Solving Bedtime Battles course after the 8 week coaching program is completed so you can go back to the lessons. There’s no need to worry that you’ll forget an important skill!

Does the coaching program include more than 1 child?

You have 8 weeks of access to your dedicated sleep coach. You can use your coaching access for any child in your household.  

Will there still be crying?

What separates this program from the other toddler sleep programs is there is no crying it out ALONE.

A key piece to understand is when you are making a change, setting a new boundary, or helping an exhausted child – there will likely be tears. You will learn to support, love, and connect your child as they experience their big feelings while still setting boundaries and making lasting change.

What makes your coaching program different?

Everything? 😜

The biggest difference is that we teach you skills that will help you to understand your child and their reason for battling you at bedtime by “getting curious.” Getting curious is the most important parenting skill that will help you with bedtime (and daytime) struggles.

You could use the same old techniques like: wake times, nap schedules, “starting a routine,” and all the other easily “Googleable” info you’ll find out there that other courses and coaching programs teach, but these will provide only short-term results.

Our program goes waaaayy deeper than that because your child is deeper than that. We dive into why separation is so hard for your child. We help you get curious about your child’s unique needs. Using our signature “bedtime ladder” approach, we teach you how to make a customized plan that will work for your own child.

I have one specific question, can you help without having to buy the coaching program?

We receive hundreds of messages every day asking for specific solutions to a child’s sleep needs, and we try our best to get back to everyone. Usually, these questions and our answers will help solve a sleep struggle in the short term, but you won’t be prepared for the next sleep struggle your child has.

The coaching program is our way of answering these specific questions while also preparing you for your child’s next sleep struggle. As children develop, you will see sleep struggles pop up in different ways. We will teach you the skills necessary to overcome any future bedtime struggles on your own! 

When you purchase the sleep coaching program, you will have a sleep coach assigned to you who will review your intake form, guide you through the sleep course, answer your specific sleep-related questions, and teach you the skills you need to make positive changes for your child and their sleep.

How long does it take to get results?

Many parents see results as soon as 1 or 2 nights, and other parents see change over 30 days (research tells us it takes at least 21 days to see a long-term change).

Like all things parenting, there are no guarantees when we support unique children with unique needs. This is why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your purchase.

The tools taught in this course have helped tens of thousands of parents around the world and are rooted in decades of research on child behaviour and sleep! We are confident they can help you too! 🥰

So how much does it cost?

There are a lot of coaches out there that make big claims about how they can help with your child’s bedtime and a lot of them don’t work well, don’t align with the gentle parenting style, or are really expensive. I created THE COACHING PROGRAM I would have wanted at a price that is super fair. You will get the most in-depth coaching program out there for the price you pay.

Bedtime Course + 8 Week Coaching

  • 22 practical video lessons
  • Printable course ebook
  • Bonus sleep PDFs
  • Access to dedicated behaviour specialist through exclusive Facebook group*
  • Weekly group coaching calls for all your sleep-related questions*
  • Comprehensive sleep coaching intake form
  • Sleep behaviour tracking form & training videos
  • “Get More Sleep” workbook
  • Community with like-minded parents

Click Here for the Solving Bedtime Battles course.

*An OMV coach will be dedicated to answering your sleep and bedtime-related questions in the Better Bedtimes Facebook group between 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM ET on weekdays. Upon purchasing the Better Bedtimes Course + 8 Week Coaching program, you will receive access to the Better Bedtimes Facebook group and live Q&As with Jess or a member of the Dream Team. Access to the Facebook Group and live Q&A videos will close 8 weeks from the date of purchase. You will keep access to the Better Bedtimes Course videos and downloads.*