Calming Anxiety in Motherhood

Calming Anxiety in Motherhood teaches you practical tools to cope with:

Comparison with other moms and families.

Overwhelming thoughts of “mom guilt”.

Feeling like you aren't parenting "by the book".

Worrying about being a "good enough" mom.

Motherhood not being what you expected.

“This isn’t what I expected motherhood to be like.”

I understand this feeling. As a mom who experienced anxiety, and as a counsellor who works with many new moms experiencing anxiety, I know first hand how difficult these early years of motherhood can be on your mental wellbeing.

I remember feeling overwhelmed, comparing myself to other moms, and being sure that I was doing it all wrong. It makes sense that we feel this way. Motherhood is a completely new experience that can be hard to prepare for, and we know that babies don’t come with a user manual! 

After going through this experience, I knew I wanted to focus on helping moms who were feeling this way. Calming Anxiety in Motherhood, is a course that was made with you in mind, and it uses techniques I often share with clients during counselling sessions.

This course gives you the tools and strategies that help not only reduce your vulnerability to anxious thoughts, but also teaches you how to cope with these thoughts in the moment that they are happening.

If you were sitting across from me right now, I would lean in and let you know that you are not alone and there is hope.

What You Will Learn

Chapter 1: Anxiety 101 – What is it and how can it affect me?

You will gain a deeper understanding of anxious or negative thoughts. In order to stop what we call “thought tornado’s” we first need to understand why these thoughts are happening and what triggers them. You will learn about triggers, thought cycles, and common signs and symptoms of anxious thoughts.

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Environment for Success

You will learn about the 5 basic building blocks for mental wellness that are essential for everyone, and especially for moms who have babies or toddlers that demand a lot of their time and energy. We provide practical tools specific for moms in the early years of parenthood who may not be getting a lot of sleep or time to yourself. We also teach you how to implement these tools to help reduce your vulnerability to anxious thoughts.

Chapter 3: The 3 Step Model to Calm Anxious Thoughts

We will review the 3 step model to decrease anxious thoughts. You can use these steps to help you calm your mind and give you back the mental space to think about the things that fill you up! We also include 8 mindfulness exercises specifically designed for moms with babies or young children to help you when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Chapter 4: Moving Forward – Getting Support From Friends & Family

When creating this course, we interviewed many moms to find out what they would want to learn about anxious thoughts. One of the most common questions we had was how to talk about anxiety with friends and family! This last section of the course gives your loved ones practical ways that they can support you through this season of motherhood.

This course is not a replacement for therapy.

We highly encourage anyone who feels like their thoughts are running their life or feel scary to reach out for professional support. (

It is also not a tool for self-diagnosis. Self-diagnosis can be dangerous. You are likely to miss the nuances and subtleties of any diagnosis. It is also possible to miss a medical issue that disguises itself as a psychiatric syndrome. Please leave diagnosing to a trained professional.

We can’t guarantee that you will feel better. The course gives you education and information, but it is up to you to implement tools and get the help that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this course work?

After you purchase the course you will have instant access to all chapters and downloadable handouts. The course is self-paced, and you can work through it on your own time! The course can be listened too while you do work around the house, drive, or you can sit down and watch the course while viewing the powerpoint slides!

How long will it take me to complete the course?

The course takes approximately 2 hours to complete. This “fluff-free” course is created with the busy mom in mind. We get right to the point and offer practical strategies and education that can be immediately applied to your life.

Can this course replace therapy?

An online course is not individualized, and is not based on your unique experience. A therapist would help you understand your unique experience, and how it may be impacting your mental health. This course gives the basic building blocks and strategies that I give to my clients, but it can’t help heal the hurts or challenges you may have.

How long will I have access to the course?

Once you enrol in the course you will be able to access and take it as often as you would like! Many moms who have purchased the course like to take it a few times to allow the information to sink in.

What's included in the handouts?

After each chapter, you can download a printable PDF that will include a summary of the chapter. Research shows that even 15 minutes of reflective journaling a day can help decrease symptoms of anxiety, we want to help you get started on this practice by including reflective journaling questions in each PDF!

How do you recommend taking the course?

We recommend taking the course slowly over the course of a few days or a week. Take the course 1 chapter at a time, and then take some time to fill out the reflection questions. This will allow you time to think about the content of each chapter before moving on.