Calming Anxiety in Motherhood

Practical tools to help you understand and calm anxiety so you can enjoy the early years of motherhood.
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Escape Destructive Thinking

Grow in Self Compassion

Be Present in the Moment

What if your anxiety stopped calling the shots?

If you could escape the cycles of worry and mom-guilt, how would your life change? In the midst of chaos, what if you could find a sense of calm? When your mind starts to spiral with racing thoughts, what if you could hit “pause”–and ground yourself in the present?

What if you could feel healthy and whole, not only as a mom, but as an individual, too?


Calming Anxiety in Motherhood

An online course designed to help you escape the cycle of anxious thoughts, improve your mental health and enjoy motherhood.

This online course will teach you how to:


  • Understand your stress triggers and the source of anxiety

  • Calm your thoughts before they spiral into tornados of worry
  • Identify the difference between anxiety-talking and truth
  • Grow in confidence and self-compassion as a parent
  • Honour your thoughts to improve your mental health
  • Create practical (but realistic) self-care routines

As a brand new mom, I remember holding my three- month-old baby and thinking, “This isn’t what I expected motherhood to feel like.”

Jessica VanderWier

Registered Psychotherapist (MA) & Founder of Our Mama Village

I was exhausted, overwhelmed and struggling with anxiety. As I scrolled through my phone while nursing my newborn, I compared myself to other moms. They seemed to lovemotherhood and be thriving in their new role. What was wrong with me?

Although I loved my daughter, I didn’t feel happy. I longed to be present with my baby and enjoy my new role as a mom but instead, I was overcome with anxiety… and shame.

If those words resonate with you, please know you’re not alone. Motherhood is hard to prepare for: you’re learning how to take care of a baby, while re-discovering who you are as an individual and a mom. The early years of motherhood can be really difficult on our mental wellbeing!

“Calming Anxiety in Motherhood is the course I wish I had as a new mom.”

Guided by my personal journey with anxiety and my background as a Psychotherapist, this course will help you calm racing thoughts and feel more present in your daily life.

A Practical Tool for Calming Anxiety in Motherhood

4 easy-to-watch modules designed with busy (and tired) moms in mind. Each module includes video lessons and printable worksheets to help you implement what you learn.

Module 1 | Anxiety 101 – What is it and how can it affect me?

  • Gain a deeper understanding of anxious or negative thought cycles 
  • Understand your anxiety triggers so you can avoid “thought-tornadoes” 
  • Learn how to recognize anxiety in your mind and body 
  • Discover tools to calm and deactivate your anxiety response

Module 2 | Setting Up Your Environment for Success

  • Learn 5 essential building blocks for mental wellness
  • Discover practical tools to reduce your vulnerability to anxious thoughts 
  • Learn how to be proactive instead of reactive about your anxiety 
  • Build pockets of calm into your life to create true moments of relaxation 
  • Learn mindfulness techniques to ground you in the present 
  • Discover the power of incorporating daily sensory break

Module 3 | The 3 Step Model to Calm Anxious Thoughts

  • Build new pathways in your brain by breaking the cycle of anxiety 
  • Escape the thought-tornado and centre your mind on what’s true 
  • Discover tools to create mental space to reflect on things that fill you up 
  • Learn to calm your mind and decrease anxious thoughts using a 3-step model

Module 4 | Moving Forward – Getting Support from Family & Friends

  • Understand how to communicate your needs with loved ones 
  • Learn practical scripts to help you discuss anxiety with friends and family
  • Discover powerful phrases to build understanding with your partner 
  • Learn how to find ongoing support to protect your mental health

Reflective Journaling Practices

Research has shown that even 15 minutes of reflective journaling a day can help decrease symptoms of anxiety. To help you in this practice, every module includes a printable PDF with reflective journaling questions and a summary of the lesson!


With your purchase, you also receive access to the following bonuses! (Over $50 value.)

Video Lessons

Two of our most popular lessons from our best-selling course: Parenting Little Kids with Big Feelings – Bonding with Infants & Reparenting

7 Mindfulness Practices

Free guides to help you practice mindfulness and release stress and tension from your body.

This course is for you if…

  • You’re tired of constantly feeling stressed-out about not meeting your baby’s needs. 
  • You’re ready to stop beating yourself up and telling yourself you’re a “bad mom.” 
  • You want to feel like “you” again… sometimes, you don’t recognize the person you’ve become.
  • You’re tired of feeling ashamed about the anxiety and anger you feel sometimes. 
  • You’re longing to feel more present with your baby, experience a calm mind and feel healthier as an individual and a mom.

Find Relief from Anxious, Racing Thoughts

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2. Watch the Lessons & Apply What You Learn

Learn practical tools to identify, understand and calm your anxiety.

3. Enjoy the Early Years of Motherhood

Get unstuck from the cycle of racing thoughts and feel more present with your baby.

Don’t let shame and anxiety have the last word.

Learn how to identify, understand and calm your anxiety so you can feel confident, healthy and whole in your new role as a mom.

For a one-time payment of $57, the “Calming Anxiety in Motherhood” course includes:

  • 4 modules with short, actionable video lessons
  • Printable worksheets to help you apply what you learn

Plus these bonuses (valued at $50):

  • 2 preview video lessons from my course “Parenting Little Kids with Big Feelings”
  • 7 printable guides with mindfulness practices to help you calm anxiety


How long do I have access to the course?

After you purchase the course, you have unlimited access! The course is self-paced, and you can work through it on your own time. You can rewatch individual lessons, pause to take notes and revisit lessons as needed.

Will this course solve my anxiety?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee your anxiety will be solved or that you’ll feel better. This course provides education and information, but it’s up to you to implement tools and get the help that you need. (We highly encourage anyone who feels scared by their thoughts to reach out for professional support.)

How long will the course take?

We created this course with you in mind. We know you don’t have the time (or emotional capacity) to deep-dive into a lengthy, complex course. This simple course includes 1-hour of video content and worksheets you can complete at your own pace. Each lesson offers practical strategies you can immediately apply to your life.

How is the course different from therapy?

This course is not individualized nor based on your unique experience. A therapist can help you understand your unique experience, and how it may be impacting your mental health.

You don’t have to feel alone any longer.

Anxiety is the most common mental health concern for new moms. Using the powerful tools outlined in this course, you’ll learn how to grow in self-compassion and find relief from anxious thoughts.

For a small investment of both time and money, you can feel more present with your kids and enjoy the early years of motherhood. Buy the course today.