Can You Recover From Postpartum Anxiety?
how to recover from postpartum anxiety

Can You Recover From Postpartum Anxiety?

May 13, 2019Mental Health0 comments

Can You Recover From Postpartum Anxiety?

This is one of the most common questions that I get as a counsellor who works with perinatal moms. When you are living with anxiety day in and day out, it can feel like “this is just life now.” It feels like anxiety has become our new normal and we will continue to feel this way no matter what we do. This feeling of “I’ve always been anxious, so I will always continue to be anxious” plagues so many people and can feel extremely discouraging.

So the question remains, can you overcome anxiety? The answer to this question isn’t as simple as yes or no.

Do I believe that we have to live in a state where anxiety constantly takes over our mind, controls our actions, and makes it hard to enjoy life? Absolutely not! I truly believe we can learn to make anxiety work for us and not against us. We can learn to cope with anxiety and live a healthy positive life. Does this mean we will never struggle with anxiety again? No. But it means that anxiety will not rule us, and that we can actually have control over our own lives.

To look more deeply into this answer, we need to understand why anxiety happens. Anxiety is caused by a variety of factors in different areas of life. In order to treat and “overcome” anxiety, we need to look at these factors and treat each of them accordingly. 

Factors that contribute to anxiety:


Some people are predisposed to being anxious. It can run in families and can be caused by some sort of chemical imbalance. The biological factors can sometimes be treated with medication or other intervention that helps balance the chemicals in the body. Sometimes anxiety is simply a biological response. Similar to how a person with diabetes needs proper insulin to feel their best, some individuals need medication to help them feel their best and treat anxiety.


Anxiety can also be caused by events in our life that have happened to us that make us live in that “fight or flight” response more than other people. To overcome this type of anxiety, we look at the mind and thought patterns. Individuals are taught new ways of thinking and strategies to help them when their “anxious brain” takes over. Simple strategies taught in counselling, such as the ones in this post, can literally change the connections in your brain and teach your brain new ways to think!


The social factors in our life can make us more prone to anxiety as well. This includes job stress, relational stress, financial stress and other changes to our lives (like having a baby!). Is the person eating well, are they exercising or moving, do they sleep at night (did you know symptoms of sleep deprivation and anxiety are almost the same!), and do they have time for rest? We look at your relationships, finances, and other areas of stress to see where we can decrease this stress and increase support!


Yes, anxiety is treatable. Anxiety does NOT have to rule your life, and you can feel well.

If you are struggling with anxiety, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Just because you have always felt this way, doesn’t mean you need to continue struggling. You deserve to feel well.


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