Celebrating Motherhood: Happy Mother’s Day To All Women
mothers day is a day when all women should be celebrated

Celebrating Motherhood: Happy Mother’s Day To All Women

May 12, 2018Parenting0 comments

Mother’s Day is a special day of the year.

On this day, mothers are honoured by their children and (hopefully) by the fathers of their children. It’s a day when moms are treated like queens. Moms get a break from the dishes and laundry, and receive handmade gifts, flowers, or cards from their children.

This Mother’s Day is the fourth one without one of my children to share it with me. I started to think about the different facets of motherhood that I’ve experienced, whether I wanted to or not. Many of these facets are topics that many have strong opinions about. They are topics that sometimes fuel “mommy wars” or cause women to feel mom guilt.  


Motherhood looks different in every season of our lives. 

I have had three vaginal births, as well as a c-section. Also, I have also adopted a baby who was birthed by another woman. No matter how my babies entered the world, they are still mine. I have successfully breastfed four babies and have formula fed another. No matter of how I fed my babies, I have provided nourishment to them.

I have experienced two of my children having surgery, a concussion, broken bones, countless fevers, rashes, and illnesses. I’ve spent numerous hours worrying, caring for, and comforting them. No matter the ailment, I tried my best to take away their discomfort.

I have worked while raising my kids because I know I’m a better mom to them when I’m busy and enjoying what I do. Also, I know I don’t have the patience or creativity to be a stay at home mom. No matter my decision to work or stay at home, I do what I do out of love for them. I have buried a child and helped my other children through their grief, while coping with my own. No matter if my children are here on earth or up in heaven, I love them with my whole heart and soul.


This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate women in whatever season of motherhood they are in. 

There are women who long to be mothers, but their bodies are not cooperating with their dream. There are women have lost angels before birth. There are women who have lost children to illnesses or tragic events. There are elderly mothers who have had to bury their adult children before it was their time. There are women who are mother figures to those in their life. There are women with fragile or broken relationships with their own mothers. There are women grieving the loss of their mothers.

Women are just trying to do their best. No matter whether they decide to breast or bottle feed, work or stay at home, give birth naturally or via c-section, etc. ALL women deserve to be honoured, cherished, and supported not just by their children or spouses, but by other women as well.

We are all on our own scary journey. Everyone’s is a little different, but we all have one common goal to do what’s best for our family. This is something to be proud of.


Share this post with the women in your life this Mother’s Day! ❤️


About the Author: Kelly Smedley

Kelly Smedley, RN, MSN, CNS is a nurse and therapist who has worked in the mental health field for the past 19 years. It wasn’t until her own struggle with postpartum anxiety and depression that she realized that there is much work to be done to raise awareness about maternal mental health. Her life experiences as a mother through loss, adoption, and surviving postpartum depression have given her a unique perspective that influences her practice with clients. When not working, you can find Kelly carting her kids around, throwing dinner together, helping with homework, or at the gym (saving her sanity).   

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