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The masterclass covered 3 key tools you can use to parent more effectively immediately. We’ll send you a link to the replay soon!

What parents have been saying! ❤️

“We are a family of 4 – Mom, Dad, 2.5 year old boy, and a 12 year old retriever mix. I came across your Instagram account, and your content really resonated with me on a couple levels. First, I loved your perspective of a child’s behavior being a reflection of their learning and development. It really helped me reframe my perception of the behavior, and more importantly my reaction to it. It allowed me to connect with my child on a deeper level and control my reactions to my child as I was feeling overwhelmed and tapped out. I was having big reactions to his big emotions and you know how that goes… I really wanted to show up in the best way possible, even when I was having a hard time. Your course really helped me not only understand my child’s behavior better, but also how the way I was parented impacts my parenting. That was eye-opening to say the least. Also, you provided a much needed reminder that I also need to take care of myself and to ask for support from others so I can show up and care for my child in the best way. I am thankful for the community your have created and the learning I have been afforded through it.”

Mom of 2.5 year old

I feel confident I can break the cycle of yelling and spanking. I know my parents tried their best and they simply didn’t know what they did not know. I definitely feel more confident that I can handle big challenges in parenthood that are around the corner. This information has also spilled over into other areas of my life. The “I love you AND I can’t let you…” has been my mantra. I feel good about how I am parenting.