Parenting Little Kids with Big Feelings

Understand your child’s emotions & enjoy the process of raising emotionally intelligent little kids!
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Learn to Discipline with Gentleness & Respect

Understand Your Own Emotions & Triggers

Grow in Confidence in Your Parenting Ability

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Connect with your child through gentle parenting.

When your child is having a meltdown (or experiencing other big feelings!) it’s difficult to know how to respond. In the moment, anything you say seems to only make the situation worse–and their big emotions even bigger!

What if you knew exactly how to understand and respond to your child’s emotions in a way that brought your family closer together?

In chaotic moments, you’d know how to find your calm and collaborate with your little kids to regulate their emotions, side by side.

As you learn to “get curious” about the root of your child’s behaviour, you’ll feel more confident as a parent–and more connected to your little kids than ever before!


Parenting Little Kids with Big Feelings

An online course created to help you through those difficult parenting moments with super useful scripts 💪, hours of practical video lessons 🎥, printable guides 🖨, and real Q&As 😊.

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This course will teach you how to:

  • Understand your child’s emotions and behaviours.
  • Respond to challenging behaviours (ie. biting, hitting, tantrums) effectively.
  • Help your child find their calm and problem solve with them.
  • Identify how your childhood experiences relate to your parenting triggers.
  • Navigate moments of chaos with confidence and a feeling of peace.
  • Get on the same page with your partner in parenting.
  • Validate and have empathy for your child’s feelings (without sacrificing your personal boundaries and mental health).

What parents have been saying! ❤️

“After watching the course, I’ve implemented changes in my words and actions with my 2.5 year old and things are improving! After modelling what I learned during a meltdown, my toddler settled down pretty quickly. We’re making progress with processing his big feelings! Thank you!

“Because of this course, my husband and I are confident our children will have healthier relationships with their emotions and with other people! This information is priceless and life-changing.

“My therapist recommended your course, and my husband and I have found it so helpful. It was hard to find a parenting resource we could do together as a couple. Your course has been a big win! Thank you!”

“My son doesn’t like having his nails cut. When he started to meltdown, I took 5 deep breaths and said, “I can tell you’re feeling upset right now. Let’s work together to find a sense of calm.” He fell asleep in my arms which was so beautiful! Your course took a really hard moment and made it one of my most beautiful as a Mom.

“My husband and I LOVE your course. In the heat of my toddlers’ emotional moments, I’ve learned how to co-regulate their emotions and meet their true needs–not just react to the behaviour. It’s been amazing to see the difference in them!”

“I’ve always associated being strict with having well-behaved children. Your course has shown me how to respond positively and gently to the behaviour–and that doesn’t mean I have to let my children do whatever they want! Game changer!”

Learn Practical Parenting Tools 🛠 & Strategies For Real Life Situations 

5 easy-to-digest modules designed to fit your busy schedule! Each module includes practical video lessons, downloadable worksheets, and other resources to help you apply what you learn.

Module 1: Understanding Discipline

  • Learn why traditional methods of discipline don’t work (and what to do instead!)
  • Define your core values as a parent and identify your ultimate parenting goals.
  • Parent your little kids in a way that aligns with your values and desires.

Module 2: Creating Calm in Your Home

  • Learn how your childhood experiences can impact you as a parent.
  • Set healthy, loving boundaries with your children to protect your mental health.
  • Help your child regulate their own emotions through modelling “calm” as a parent.
  • Care for yourself as a parent by identifying and understanding your own childhood triggers and past experiences.
  • Identify why you are feeling so angry with your child and learn practical ways to cope when you are feeling triggered.

Module 3: Building A Connected Relationship

  • Learn helpful strategies to feel more connected to your children (even from infancy!)
  • Turn meltdowns into learning opportunities to help your child cope with their big feelings.
  • Strengthen your parent-child bond through simple, everyday activities in the home.
  • Grow your parenting confidence and feel connected with your little kids even in the midst of meltdowns or challenging behaviours.

Module 4: Getting Curious about Behaviour

  • Meet your child’s true needs by getting curious about the root of their behaviour.
  • Put on your “investigator hat” to understand what your child is trying to communicate.
  • Understand why challenging behaviours happen and learn powerful insights you can implement right away.

Module 5: Collaborating & Problem Solving

  • Gain the practical tools you need for real-life scenarios: encouraging independent play, adding a new baby to the family, or what to do when your kid screams, “I hate you!”
  • Learn how to respond to sibling conflict in a way that connects your children and creates deep and lasting sibling bonds.
  • Repair the relationship with your child after you lose your cool!
  • Understand how to teach calming tools to your kiddos and create a “calming toolbox” to restore peace to your home.

🎉 Wait! You also get a bunch of amazing bonuses!!

With your purchase of the Parenting Little Kids course, you also receive access to the following bonuses and a whole bunch of others!

PDF: 7 Day Guide to a Calm Home

Although there’s no quick fixes in parenting, this step-by-step workbook is your guide to help you implement the tools learned from the course immediately! Many parents have noticed a change in themselves and their little kids within just one week.

PDF: Visual Guide to Hitting, Kicking, & Biting

Respond to some of the most challenging behaviours in your home with this easy-to-reference visual guide. Print off the guide and stick it to your fridge so you’re never left without a guidebook!

PDF: Ultimate Guide to Power Struggles

This easy to implement printable lesson will give you practical insights to start using TODAY for some of the most common parenting struggles including: Tooth brushing, Bath-time battles, Running to the Road, and Climbing on Furniture! Start making change today with this lesson. 

Bonus Videos: Q&A With Jess

In this exclusive Q & A, Jess dives into the most common struggles parents face. Learn more in-depth about how to handle a child biting, hitting or laughing when something isn’t funny.

Jess provides practical answers to questions like:

  • What do I do when my toddler constantly says “no”?
  • What if the reason the behaviour is happening is because my child thinks it’s funny?
  • How do I connect when my toddler is melting down over random things?
  • I struggle with doing this perfectly… am I still a good parent?

& more!

Getting Started is Easy!

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2. Watch the Lessons & Apply What You Learn

Learn how to “get curious” about the root of your child’s behaviour and collaborate to create a calmer, happier home.

3. Parent with Confidence

Respond to your child’s emotions in a way that brings your family closer together.

You might be wondering if this course is for you…

Hey, that’s understandable! I can tell you that the course is meant for you if you can relate to any of these comments.

“I struggle to understand what is causing my child’s big emotions, especially during tantrums.”

“I’m not sure how to handle challenging behaviours like kicking or hitting without getting angry or yelling.”

“I don’t want to repeat the methods my parents used to raise me.”

“I want to follow gentle and respectful parenting methods but if I’m being honest, I’m a bit skeptical… but open to trying!”

“My children are always fighting and I can’t get them to stop! Help!”

Hi, I’m Jess!

Registered Psychotherapist (MA) & Founder of Our Mama Village.

As a mom of two little kids (with #3 on the way), I know how frustrating it feels when your child has tantrums, doesn’t listen, or doesn’t play well with their sibling. It can’t be super difficult to know how to respond.

Using my experience as a psychotherapist, I created the “Parenting Little Kids with Big Feelings” course to help you understand your child’s emotions and enjoy the process of raising your child!

I’ve supported thousands of families as they work to restore peace to their home through groups, presentations, and one-on-one clinical sessions.

The “Parenting Little Kids with Big Feelings” course packages up all of my tools and experience so you don’t have to feel alone in the parenting struggle!

What’s your time worth?

jess holding stack of books

I’ll be honest, you could research the content of this course on your own. 

You could read stacks upon stacks of parenting books and comb through hours of academic research and studies on neuroscience and family psychology.

You could try to piece information together from a hundred parenting blogs, YouTube videos, and Instagram stories. But at the end of the day, you’d still be thinking, “I need a plan!”

In Parenting Little Kids with Big Feelings I’ve done the hard work for you! 🥳

I’ve converted hours of education experience, academic research, and evidence-based studies into simple, concrete lessons to help your family.

  • Gain a better understanding of your child’s emotions (and your own!)
  • Respond to meltdowns and challenging behaviours (ie. biting or hitting) in healthy ways 
  • Collaborate with your child to co-regulate their emotions and solve problems together 
  • Identify how your own childhood experiences relate to your parenting triggers
  • Navigate moments of chaos with confidence and restore peace to your home
  • Parent in a way that aligns with your personal values and goals for your family
  • Validate and have empathy for your child’s feelings (without sacrificing your personal boundaries and mental health)


How long do I have access to the course?
Once you purchase the course, you have lifetime access! You can rewatch individual lessons, pause to take notes, and revisit lessons as your children grow and change!
Is this course helpful for parents of infants?
Absolutely! You’ll learn how to understand your infant’s behaviour and how to respond to big feelings even before your child learns to speak. Set yourself up for success by learning to parent proactively instead of reactively, even before your infant becomes a toddler.
I’m skeptical about gentle parenting. Is this course going to let my kids get away with anything?
Absolutely not. Premissive parenting says “I love you and I’ll let you do whatever you want!” Gentle parenting says, “I love you and I won’t let you engage in this behaviour because it’s my job to keep you safe.”
Would a teacher, early childhood educator, or other professional find this course helpful?
Absolutely. The course does speak directly to parents but the information is applicable to anyone working with children and families in a professional role.
My home is fairly calm already. Would I still benefit from this course?
I love this question! This course is perfect for the parent who already has a calm home. It will help you continue to build your understanding of your kids and learn new ways to support your child in ecah developmental stage.

Don’t wait another day to understand your child’s emotions!

In the words of a past student… “this information is life-changing!”

We take your trust seriously.

I’m so confident in this course that I will give you your money back if you aren’t happy with it.

So how much does it cost?

I wanted to make all of the super useful parenting scripts, hours of practical video lessons, printable guides, and real Q&As accessible to anyone who is a parent of little kids. That’s why I have 2 payment options for you to choose from!

Best Value!

3 monthly payments of $67 CAD

Best Savings!

A 1-time payment of $197 CAD