Setting Boundaries

A Parenting Blueprint for Hitting, Biting, Dinnertime, and More

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Is Your Use (Or Lack) Of Boundaries Not Working?

  • Your child hits, bites, or kicks. (Sometimes all 3!!)
  • Yelling doesn't stop the challenging behaviours.
  • Punishments leave you feeling guilty.
  • You can't get your child to sit at the table for dinner.
  • You don't understand why your child doesn't listen.
  • You feel like your child can get away with anything.
  • You don't know what boundaries are appropriate.
  • You feel like setting boundaries will result in your child fearing you.

If so, this workshop will help you create clear and loving (!) boundaries for your child.

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You don’t want to yell. You also don’t want them to get away with everything!

Honestly, sometimes in the parenting chaos, it feels like yelling, punishing, or bribing is all you can do to make a change. But… you know this doesn’t feel good. There must be a better way!


Boundaries are beautiful and loving, but have often been used to instil fear to get children to do “the right thing” (maybe you can relate??). You don’t want to create this kind of relationship with your child.

This workshop shows you how to create boundaries that are both effective and loving; boundaries that will guide your child through the unsafe (scary, chaotic, challenging, unknown) world around them as they grow, and create a loving and trusting parent-child relationship.

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Meet Your Guide

Jess VanderWier, Registered Psychotherapist

Few people know how to help parents raise their children effectively and help them feel good doing it like Jess VanderWier. As a registered psychotherapist working directly with children and families, and creating online parenting resources, Jess has helped millions of parents create a deeper, more connected relationship with their children. In this workshop, she’ll help you understand what makes an effective boundary and how to implement them in your home, so your child will learn how to navigate the tricky world they are learning to live in. Jess has experience working with families in the trickiest situations. Now, she’s ready to teach you.

What’s Included With The Workshop?

  • A thorough and easy-to-watch workshop (even for the busy parent!)
  • Find your WHY behind setting boundaries
  • Understand what makes a good boundary
  • Learn when it makes sense to use boundaries and when it doesn't
  • Review detailed examples of settings boundaries after a day at school or daycare
  • Why boundaries work (when used properly!)
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