Solving Bedtime Battles

An online course meant for parents of children ages 2 – 12. This parenting course will give you the tools to take you from bedtime tantrums, stalling, and nightly wake-ups – to restful sleep for the whole family. 😴

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Is Bedtime Not Going Well?

Your child stalls and has big tantrums at bedtime.
Cry-it-out and other common sleep methods feel wrong.
Your child has fears, nightmares, or night terrors.
Your child won't stay in bed.
Your child seems tired - but just won't sleep!
Bedtime is taking FOREVER!
You don't want to ignore your child - but you don't know what else to do.
You are ready to have your evenings back.
Your child can't fall asleep without rocking, cuddling, or hand-holding.

We have a proven bedtime framework just for you!

Green Leafs

Yelling doesn’t feel good at bedtime. Neither does ignoring or cry-it-out methods.

But, when you have a child who comes endlessly out of bed, won’t listen, and takes hours to fall asleep (when you are already exhausted) – it can take everything in you to stay calm…


Bedtime often doesn’t feel like a time of beautiful connection between you and your child – but it’s possible to make it feel this way. Traditional approaches to child sleep will tell you to let them cry it out alone or that you must ignore them. But that doesn’t feel right either.

Traditional approaches miss one critical piece. Separation is incredibly tough for children. Being alone for 10-12 hours can feel daunting (to say the least). So, in a frantic attempt to keep you close, you see stalling, clinging, whining, and coming out of bed to find you.

This course includes our proven framework for bedtime that stands apart.

You will deeply understand your child’s struggles, and we will give you practical guidance for all the most common sleep struggles!

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Meet Your Guide

Jess VanderWier, Registered Psychotherapist

Few people know how to help big kids (ages 2 – 12) sleep well like Jess VanderWier. As a registered psychotherapist working directly with children and families and creating online parenting resources, Jess has helped tens of thousands of children sleep better at night with her unique approach to bedtime. In this course, she’ll help you understand what makes bedtime so hard for kids. She will teach you practical tools to help with bedtime tantrums, stalling, fears, and even dropping naps. Jess has experience working with thousands of families. Now, she’s ready to teach you.

What’s Included In The Course?

A thorough and easy-to-watch course (even for tired parents!)
Understand WHY bedtime is so hard for your child.
Learn the one essential thing kids need to sleep well.
Learn how to move your child from falling asleep with you to falling asleep on their own.
Get detailed examples of settings boundaries at bedtime.
Learn tools to help you teach your child how to cope with bedtime fears.
Hear real-life examples of sibling room sharing, dropping the nap, and early morning wakings.
Downloadable visual schedules, worksheets, and calming tools!
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Green Leafs
Green Leafs

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Solving Bedtime Battles


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22 Practical Course Videos

Printable Workbooks

BONUS: 3 Detailed Sleep eBooks!


3 Sleep eBooks

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by your child’s sleep *or lack of it.

We developed these bonus PDF lessons after coaching real parents like you struggling with their child’s sleep!

Bonus PDFs for The Bedtime Course.

You’ll learn what to do during nighttime wakings, we teach you just how much sleep your child needs, and we will give you a practical guide to night weaning!

You are ready for change. We are ready to help.

Reviews of Solving Bedtime Battles

“Ummmmm, I am in complete shock! My 3.5-year-old, who has co-slept his entire life, just went to bed ALONE! I’m not even through the whole course. It took about 30 mins of reassurance and going in and out, but she is ASLEEP! I cannot believe it.”
Used your Solving Bedtime Battle Guide this week! My 2 year old has been having the worst time going down for naps. I used your tools and they totally fixed her naps AND she started going to bed at 7:30 (instead of 9!!!). THANK YOU!
I had to reach out. Our 2.5 year old is a great sleeper but over the last 6ish months putting her in her crib has been a battle. She screamed and cried and tried all the stall tactics. It was wearing on us a bit. I stumbled across your course, used your check-in techniques and night one was AMAZING! No tears, complete understanding. A night and day difference. Thank you!
Only half way through your course and I already feel SO MUCH BETTER about helping my son! It took him a long time to get back to bed like you mentioned, but I used the proactive tools you discussed and tomorrow we will switch up the routine and see if that helps him more! Thank you SO SO much for putting this together! I can already see it helping!!
My partner and I LOVE your bedtime course!!!! After not sleeping for 4 years, it’s given us the peace we’ve been missing in our home.
Jess… your course has helped me in so many ways, but the biggest thing I need to thank you for is I am no longer exhausted every single day. I feel like I have my energy back, I am enjoying my son so much more, and I haven’t lost my cool in two weeks which is a HUGE deal for me!!! My family and I seriously can’t thank you enough!!!

Questions? We have answers!

What’s included in my purchase of this course?

You can access the pre-recorded course as much as you need. You can watch lessons over and over as you make simple changes to your bedtime! There’s a 77-page PDF eBook so you can read or watch the course – totally up to you! You also get bonus videos, checklists, PDFs, and guides to help make this info simple and easy to implement!

What age is this course useful for?

This course is designed for children from ages 2 – 12. It’s for parents of toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children!

It’s NOT for parents of infants or babies.

How long is this course going to take me to complete?

I’ve cut out the fluff! The course contains 2 hours of video material broken down into bite-sized videos (each between 2-10 minutes long). Skip ahead to any lesson you need and go back to the other lessons when you need them!

Can I gift this course to someone?

Of course! You can purchase a digital gift card using this link. You can even schedule course access to be given at a future date so your loved one will receive it on their special day!

Will there be crying?

We are dealing with children, so I’ll be honest with you. Probably.

What separates this program from other toddler sleep programs is I won’t tell you to let your child cry it out alone or hold the door closed.

This course is not a sleep training course masked as gentle parenting.

A key piece to understand is when you are making a change, setting a new boundary, or helping an exhausted child – there will likely be tears. You will learn to support your child lovingly as they experience their big feelings while setting boundaries and making lasting changes.

How long does it take to get results?

Many parents see results as soon as 1 or 2 nights, and others see change over 30 days (research tells us it takes at least 21 days to see a long-term change).

Like all things parenting, there are no guarantees when we support children with unique needs. This is why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your purchase.

The tools taught in this course have helped tens of thousands of parents worldwide and are rooted in decades of research on child behaviour and sleep! We are confident they can help you too! 🥰

What makes this course different from all the other sleep courses?

This course stands out from the others out there because it is so much more than just: wake times, nap schedules, “start a routine,” create a dark room – and all the other easily “Googleable” info you’ll find out there.

This course goes waaaayy deeper than that because your child is deeper than that. We dive into why separation is so hard for your child. We help you get curious about your child’s unique needs. Using our signature “bedtime ladder” approach, we teach you how to make a customized plan that will work for your own child.

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