The Best Podcasts All Moms and Moms-To-Be Need To Hear.
Mom listening to the best podcasts on motherhood and mental health.

The Best Podcasts All Moms and Moms-To-Be Need To Hear.

by Mar 12, 2018Mental Health, Parenting1 comment

New motherhood can feel very overwhelming and isolating at times. Much of your days are spent alone with a new baby. Though you are busy with your baby, there is quite a bit of silent space during the day. During these silent times, many moms report missing interaction and community with others. As a new mother myself, I have been there. During those long days (and nights) when my daughter was first born, podcasts on motherhood helped me know that I was not alone in my struggles. 

These podcasts on new motherhood are very fun to listen to, and are based in research that you can trust, from mothers who have been there! All of the podcasts are all completely free, and can be downloaded right onto your phone!

You are not alone in this journey of motherhood, and these podcasts will help you learn from other mama’s who have been there!


The 4 Best Podcasts for New Moms and Moms To Be:

1. Mom and Mind

YouTube video

If you are not listening to this podcast already, you really should take a listen! Dr. Katayune Kaeni gives evidence based information on maternal mental health, interviews experts in the field of mental health, and shares stories from mothers who have struggled. Dr. Kat has struggled with her own mental health after giving birth, so she understands the struggles that many women face from both a professional and personal standpoint. If you are interested in learning more about mental health, from an awesome doctor, make sure you listen to her podcast!

Two of our favourite episodes:


2. Not the Typical Mom Show With Dr. Stefani Reinold

YouTube video

There’s boss moms, fit moms, healthy moms, crunchy moms, moms of multiples, moms trying to conceive, single moms, working moms, stay at homes moms, and more. But what if you don’t fit any of these stereotypes? If you are a mom looking to find her tribe in motherhood, check out this podcast by Dr. Stefani. She is honest and down to earth, and she talks about topics such as body image and mom guilt.

Two of our favourite episodes:


3. The God Centered Mom

Manage Your Life with Guilt-Free Confidence :: Christy Wright [Ep 192]

This podcast might be most interesting to Christian mama’s, but even if you are not religious, there are many great interviews that you would enjoy! Heather MacFadyen is a mother and an entrepreneur. She often talks about the balance between working, being a mom, and being a woman of faith. This podcast is very inspirational, and can help you find meaning and purpose in even the most simple tasks!

Two of our favourite episodes:


4. Precious Little Sleep Parenting Podcast

Becoming a Parent: Guilt, Failure, an Unrealistic Standards: EP 21

Are you a parent of a baby or toddler who does not sleep? Have you thought about sleep training but are not sure where to start? OR are you a pregnant mama, hoping to learn about newborn sleep before your baby is born? LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST. I cannot say enough about Alexis Dubief, and her ability to help your children sleep through the night! Alexis can help you get through difficult moments, with great advice and a bit of humour.

Two of our favourite episodes:


Final Thoughts:

New motherhood can sometimes feel lonely, and overwhelming. These are some of the best podcasts for moms and moms-to-be that we have found. These podcasts will help you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this journey of motherhood. We hope that these podcasts will inspire you as much as they inspired us, and help you live your best life.

You don’t have to feel alone in motherhood.

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